Blade Size: 3.5 inches

Blade Thickness: .200 inches

Blade Steel: CPM154, Bos Heat Treat, 61 RC

OAL:  8. 25 inches

Construction: Integral Fixed Blade

Finish: Non-Reflective "Stonewash"

Weight: 5.8 ounces

CK-2  is  SOLD OUT

The CK-2 is a fine-edge cutting tool for the hostile duty environment. It is a fixed blade made from a single piece of 1/2 inch thick CPM154 bar.

Unlike other tactical integrals, the CK-2 features thickness through the handle section, providing enhanced tactile interaction.

Weight and balance are managed through the use of deep offset grooves that vary in depth to mirror the distal taper of the opposite side of the handle. The resulting cross section is highly efficient providing handle thickness, rigidity and low weight. The offset grooves also provide relief for clearing debris when the CK-2 is grasped in an extreme environment.

The tapered handle gives the CK-2 an intuitive, tool-like feel. This profile also helps the CK-2 carry well, especially in conjunction with other duty gear.

The blade is a broad drop point with full-height grind that tapers from a robust .200 inches at the spine to a fine edge for aggressive cutting performance.