The Caswell "Morphing Karambit" (MKV2) is a highly robust, innovative tool that offers novel functional and safety benefits:

Operator safety is enhanced because the blade cannot close across the fingers even in the event of lock failure.

Also, the blade may be seamlessly deployed from retention without dramatically altering grip on the tool. This increases the Morphing Karambit's versatility as a bladed and non-bladed tool by providing means for more instinctual, efficient emergency deployment.

MKV2 is the second-generation of the novel, patented approach to pocket knife design originally debuted in the Version 1 prototype.

Version 2 represents a dramatic refinement.   Greatly simplified construction means the robust assembly contains only 5 principle parts, plus pocket clip and fasteners. V2 is more compact overall and improved to increase utility and intuitive operation. 

Version 2 is also the basis of the full produciton version of this design called "Provoke." It's available NOW at:




Blade Size: 2.5 inches

Blade Thickness: .210 inches

Blade Steel: CPM3V

OAL (open) 7.125 inches

Weight: 6.0 ounces

 US Patented "Morphing" deployment design