Morphing Karambit V2 (MKV2)

The Morphing Karambit Version 2 Prototype is the second-generation of the novel, patent-pending approach to pocket knife design originally debuted in the Version 1 prototype.

Version 2 provides the same benefits as Version 1, which include the ability to instantly deploy the blade from a retention position (with blade retracted) without requiring the user to remove fingers from the handle to allow a blade to pass along a traditional rotational axis.

This enhances the tool’s utility as a non-bladed tool because, once drawn from a pocket with blade retracted, that condition may be changed to a blade-deployed condition in an instant, without compromising control of the tool or requiring support-hand assistance.

Additionally, user safety is enhanced because the blade’s conveyance path never crosses any portion of the user’s hand when held consistent with typical use.

Version 2 represents a dramatic refinement.   Greatly simplified construction means the robust assembly contains only 5 principle parts, plus pocket clip and fasteners.

V2 is more compact overall and improved to increase utility and intuitive operation. 




Blade Size: 2.5 inches

Blade Thickness: .210 inches

Blade Steel: CPM3V

OAL (open) 7.125 inches

Weight: 6.0 ounces

 US Patent-Pending "Morphing" deployment design